Gift Bliss Blizzard Wizard Snow in a Jar

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Conjure magical snow instantly in the Wizard Jar: * Empty ALL items from the Wizard Jar. * Fill the empty Wizard Jar 1/4 inch from the top with water, or simply fill with 1 cup of water. * Carefully open the small container, containing the magical Snow To Go powder. Be sure the container is upright when you open it. * Empty all of the Snow Powder from the container into the center of the water in the Jar. You may want to place a plate under the jar to catch the overflowing snow. * Watch the magical Blizzard erupting in, and from, the Jar. Create Colorful Snow: * Add food color to the water BEFORE you add snow powder. * Make the color of the water darker than you would like the color of the snow. You can make Red Snow on Valentine's Day, Green on St Patrick's Day, or Orange Snow on Halloween.

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