Eeboo Spinner Game- 4 choices!

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  • For ages 5 and up (box says 3+ but may be better suited for 4+)
  • 2-4 players
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award

Cupcake: Cupcake recipe will display what each player needs to make the perfect dessert. Each player takes a turn at the spinner- the first to collect all the ingredients wins the game. Game helps child develop patience, categorization and recipe following skills. Instructions included on inside of box cover. For 2-4 players

Tea Party: Spread the real fabric tablecloth, ready the teapot spinner, china and all the teatime treats. Time for a delicious game of Tea Party. The spinner points to tea sandwiches, desserts, fruit, tea, and the dishes to hold them. The guest who spins one in each category first wins the game, but everyone will enjoy choosing among the tempting party goodies. For 2 to 4 players

Robot: Build a Robot combines puzzle making, counting, tools, machines, space, and games. Players spin to place interchangeable parts in their puzzle frame. 1-4 players To build a robot is an art; You have to do it part by part. So many heads and arms to use! Spin, and you will have to choose. Done first? You win! Now play again! With every game you make a friend!

Green Market: With illustrations as fresh as the produce it portrays, our Green Market Spinner Game is a fun way to play with fruits, vegetables, baked goods and more.  Spin to collect products and be the first to complete your farm stand.  Illustrated by Eeboo's newest artist collaborator Monika Forsberg. No plastic pieces!  2-4 players.

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