Adora Adoption Baby

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Adopt one or all of Adora’s Adoption Babies and bring them to their forever home! These precious babies are 16” head to toe with a soft and cuddly body and ¾ vinyl arms and legs with a fresh baby powder scent. There are two sweet and adorable babies to choose from, each with a different skin tone and eye color. Handsome and Hope each come with a certificate of adoption, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper and is swaddled in a cuddly soft microfiber blanket.

Hope has blue open/close eyes, fair skin tone and comes in her very own crib, so she already has the perfect sized bed for naps and bedtime!

Adoption Baby Handsome has blue open/close eyes, fair skin tone and comes in his very own crib.

Includes Certificate of Adoption, Pacifier, Hospital Bracelet, Disposable Diaper, Blue Blanket and Crib
Cuddly bean bag weighted baby doll
Comes in their own crib, perfect for naps and bedtime
Removable clothing
Fresh baby powder scent
Sweet ADORAble face
My eyes open and close
Encourages nurturing, pretend play
Ages 3 and up

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