Bearington Tippy Toeshoes

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**This is only for one large bear in photo, does not include small bear**

Giant Tippy Toeshoes (Large one in photo) is not your ordinary large plush doll. Expert design, fine materials, and precision construction ensure it will be cherished for years. This gorgeous jumbo teddy bear is made not only for hugging, but she's destined to be a child's "best friend" or the decorative centerpiece in whichever room she occupies. 30+ inches tall. Thick with substantial weight (not "featherweight").

  • Meet Tippy Toeshoes! She is almost 3 feet tall.
  • Tippy is wearing a pink dress which is adorned with ribbon rosettes on the bodice and skirt.
  • Ages 3+ years
  • 34 inches tall
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